Just think about that 1/3 of our life we spend in bed ... Quite a lot, right? The value of sleep is even great, because a healthy and pleasant dream is the key to longevity, strength and positive emotions for the whole day. If you aren’t rest well at night, then the body doesn’t recover properly and the next day goes to waste. So, it is important to make sure that the bed, mattress, as well as bedding, in particular a blanket, are of a high quality and worthy of its owner. Nowadays, in the era of rapid technological development, a high-quality product is a product made from natural, eco-friendly materials, it is often the so-called, product from our childhood or the time of our grandparents.




   We wish to offer you a unique product of its kind - eco-100 brand duvets with a top and a filler of 100% linen. This is an eco-friendly premium product for health-care. We are proud that we produce and make available these healthy products, that people and... cats enjoy all the time – at day and at night :)



   Duvets are anti-allergenic due to the unique biochemical composition of other types of material that are hypoallergenic to the maximum - i.e. just neutral and not causing an allergic reaction. The fact is that the main cause of allergies is dust and dust mites living in it, and the only natural material that does not require additional chemical treatment, in which mites do not vow, is flax. Therefore, it is linen duvets that are highly recommended for people who have constant or seasonal allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, including asthma as well as children and newborns.



   One of the most important qualities of a duvet is its ability to properly regulate the temperature balance. During sleep, a person moves, the body generates energy and it turns into heat, which must be transferred further. If the filler is unable to remove excess temperature to the outside, perspiration forms on the body, and the duvet becomes wet, which indicates poor thermoregulation. Synthetic fillers do not have a breathing effect, and even the natural composition of, for example, woolen and cotton duvets does not guarantee good thermoregulatory properties.
   Due to the peculiarity of the 100% flaxen filler, which has a tubular fiber structure, eco-100 brand blankets effectively remove excess temperature to the outside. According to studies, flax is able to regulate the temperature by 3-5 degrees, so in the summer it will be cool under the linen duvet and warm in the winter - this makes the dream deeper, more comfortable and allows the body to recover better.



   Flax is a natural antiseptic and flax-made products help fight irritations and skin diseases, prevent bacteria from multiplying and suppress harmful micro flora, heal wounds. Linen bedding relieves itching, burning and is recommended for people with dermatological diseases, sensitive skin, postoperative patients, as well as sunburned children and children from infancy.



   In the modern world, we are constantly faced with the manifestation of static electricity, which negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular and nervous system, men's health and other vital processes. During sleep, we are most defenseless, as we toss and turn involuntarily, while static is formed and accumulates.
   Linen products and duvets are antistatic. In addition, scientists have proved that linen and fillers help to reduce the level of static in the room, as well as reduce the level of radiation and gamma radiation, thereby improving the general condition of the health. 



   In the current age of technological development, the human body is increasingly vulnerable to external factors and its immunity is weakening with each generation. An increasing number of people are becoming allergic, and children are born with congenital diseases. The reason for this is modern ecology, food quality, constant stress, the use of non-natural materials and poor quality sleep. You can reduce the risks of negative impact, starting from the bedroom, and simply using linen products in everyday life. It is generally proven that flax reduces the load on the nervous, cardiac and immune systems of the body due to its unique biochemical composition. By purchasing linen products, you get an effective tool that enhances your immunity, improves sleep and overall well-being.



   The product has a natural linen color and a popular minimalistic scandinavian style due to which it will fit into any home interior, and a pleasant herbal smell will plunge into the natural world and make the dream especially sweet and deep.



   In addition, according to the results of recent studies of scientists, it was found that during relaxation under heavier duvets there is a deeper and longer phase of sleep. This is explained by the fact that under a heavy duvet a person feels a little pressure on the body, which connects on a subconscious level with infancy when his mother wrapped and hugged him. This gives a feeling of security and calm during sleep. Hiding in a linen duvet, you will feel just such a warm, cozy, comfortable hug.



   Handmade with love and care from 100% natural, ecologically clean european flax - a material that has been tested by our ancestors for millennia.



   Our eco-100 brand products have the international eco-certificate OEKO-TEX, which confirms the exceptional quality, naturalness and harmlessness of products - sleep well.



   Purchasing linen products, you make an investment, because every day you will feel the real comfort from their use for decades, because linen is not only a healthy material, but also wear-resistant. Therefore, linen duvets, as well as other products of eco-100 brand, are an excellent and practical gift for many years both for you and for your relatives and friends who will appreciate the present. Our linen products are good quality things for generations.




   Spend at least one night under our 100% linen eco-100 brand duvet and the world of sleeping will change for you – the fact confirmed by ourselves and many of our customers!

   About 72% of our customers are buying eco-100 brand products once again.

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100% natural ecological european flax

200 g/m2 – summer

400 g/m2 – 4 season (most popular)

600 g/m2 - winter (north countries)

Standard semitransparent bag


Linen eco-shopper bag labeled with eco-100 logo / private label

* Producing linen products in accordance with any requirements for whosale buyers incl. under the private label.

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           To avoid external contamination of the linen duvet, extend its lifetime and facilitate the care process it's strongly recommended to use a duvet cover made of natural materials, the best of which is linen - click here





        • Hand wash is recommended. In case of minor pollution - spot cleaning with a damp cloth is possible.
        • Machine washes in delicate mode at 30°C without tumble drying.
        • Drying is carried out when unfolded on a horizontal surface.

           Linen duvets are very simple-cared: dust mites, moths and other parasites do not start in them, so they do not require constant drying in the sun, airing and knocking out unlike woolen, downy or cotton duvets. Washing one time per year will be enough.



            The flax pillows, that we manufacture, as well as 100% full linen bed sets will also be an excellent addition to the duvets. With care for the children, a special baby line of natural 100% linen products was developed. When ordering several products, additional discounts are provided.



           We are looking forward to cooperate with wholesale and small wholesale buyers, online stores and dropshippers as well as hotels and agro-tourism facilities - for more details click here.
           We build our cooperation on honest and flexible partnership principles. We have a great potential for growth together!