We are a small team of professionals, each in their own field, who managed to organize the production of interesting and new products of Eastern European culture, which we want to open to consumers from all the world. The idea of organizing a company that would offer, on the one hand, new, previously unfamiliar and useful products from other countries, and, at the same time, time-tested and loved in other countries, came in 2017. Over time, there were like-minded people who had different experience in production, sales, and international activities – as a result, the eco100 brand was born, which today
offers the unique practical products that are useful for the health of a person and his whole family.

   We are proud of the production we are offering for a people making their life a little better!



   We keep up with the times and try to meet the requirements of the market, as well as the expectations of our customers and partners. Eco100 TM offers really new and unique products of the rapidly growing segment of eco-products.

Today there are:

  • antiallergenic linen bedding made from 100% natural eco-friendly European linen: duvets, pillows, linen bed sets
  • compact wooden saunas (real Russian banya with brooms) of various configurations: saunabarrels, oval-saunas, quad-saunas for installation on homesteads, in recreation areas, campsites, agro-tourism facilities, as well as mobile saunas on wheels, which are convenient to travel with
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  • small wooden summer houses, grill houses, gazebos, as well as practical camping houses for installation on private homesteads and tourist areas
  • convenient folding grills (barbecues) of various configurations for barbecue

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    We are looking forward for cooperation with wholesale buyers, online stores and dropshippers, as well as hotels and agro-tourism facilities.


   As a manufacturer and direct supplier, we offer the best solutions for joint mutually beneficial cooperation to our partners:

  • Truly unique and unrepeatable products with good sales prospects;
  • Competitive b2b prices giving possibility to generate high level of margin for our b2b trade partners;
  • Flexible terms of cooperation;
  • Production of products according to any requirements, including under the private label;
  • Close interaction with partners at all the stages of collaboration;
  • We are able to listen and follow the wishes of our clients;
  • An assistance in organizing of delivery and importing for foreign partners;
  • We are always open for discussion and new ideas.
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