As known, linen is one of the oldest and most valuable materials in the world; it was successfully used even more than 7000 years ago. Besides, both the famed shroud of Jesus Christ in which the body was wrapped, and protective carapace of Alexander the Great, either, were made of linen. Over the years, this material has been widely used by our grandparents, but the usage of synthetic materials and environmental changes made this material quite rare in our modern life. But, the 21st century is the time for change...

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   Nowadays, people are extremely health-oriented and somehow crazy about keeping their families healthy, the demand for eco-friendly products is higher than never before. Linen is the perfect solution for everyday life; it’s very simple-cared and beautiful at the same time.

   Now in our fast-growing word, with its climate-change, growing linen has become very complicated and costly, and that is the reason why, linen is very high valuable today. And now, this top-class material is also very limited and rare, but still desired by many people.

   We are eco-100 brand, manufacturer and direct supplier of linen products. Our brand goal is to make you happy with our eco-friendly products for healthy everyday life.